photo of Kevin Lee
UX designer with 25+ years in design:
  • Lead UX & interaction designer in digital with extensive experience in SaaS, eCommerce, B2B, and B2C solutions
  • Thought leader & Head of UX for a multi-national company of Fintech with 9 European markets/countries
  • UX coach & trainer, cultivating best practices of UX, people, co-creation with product & tech efficiently, and building up teams from scratch to scale

As a thought leader, Lee serves organisations with Human-centered-Design principles & best practices. Aligning User goals with business goals which are within technical boundaries– this has been the approach consistent throughout his career in design. The FinTech sector had been the focus for the past 5 years, Lee had worked in e-commerce, retail B2C, corporate, B2B, government, 3D printing, and bio-science sectors in the 25+ years of dedication to design.

Methodologies & best practices are fundamental tools but it really is all about PEOPLE in the end. From people we collaborate with to deliver value, to people we aim to serve.

In recent times, coaching & leadership roles he’d served to communities of Design managers had taught him the impact of sharing best practices & lifting his colleagues to the next level. At the same time, Lee’s experience in business had helped greatly in translating UX to business colleagues to bridge the gap where to optimize UX in corporate environments. He’s said:  “UX should play a key role in facilitating key business decisions in product visioning & service road-mapping.”

Active in one of UX’s pivotal movements of DesignOps, Lee is tirelessly seeking & improving the framework in mobilizing talents, processes, and UX culture for companies to adopt.

  • I worked with Kevin in the amazing UX european community for over 2 years.
    He had the ability to build the community, engage people, evangelize and coach us all on important issues such as: lean UX, personas, user research, prototyping, user journey, user map.
    Now we are able to measure our UX results and outcome and our approach to the development is more user-centric.

    Avatar of Laura G.
    Lara Gaudino
    Associate Director & UX Manager at Wolters Kluwer Italia
  • Kevin is a professional. He drives himself to be a forward-thinker, pushing the importance of UX and customer experience as a priority, motivating the team to meet its potential.

    April Ward
    Global Media Strategy Leader, General Electric 
  • Kevin is a strong, well-organized and extremely passionate UX leader. Besides being a trusted coach for many designers, Kevin was capable of changing the culture in a business, to adopt a UX mindset and getting most value from UX.

    Vikenti Kumanikin
    Lead Artificial Intelligence Strategist, Wolters Kluwer Global
  • Kevin led a huge leap in UX maturity across Europe over the two years we worked together at Wolters Kluwer.

    He guided me as a UX Lead to introduce design KPIs, upskill and coach my own team, advised in how to deal with all kinds of stakeholders and he provided training in research and collaboration methodologies that took our practice to the next level.

    I have a lot of respect and gratitude to Kevin.

    Elite Avner profile photo
    Elite Avner Torbit
    UX Lead / Manager (UK), Wolters Kluwer
  • Working with Kevin was amazing. I found him as a person who has great expertise and profound understanding of User Experience and Interaction. Kevin leads by example and many people find his enthusiasm and extensive UX knowledge both inspiring and motivating. Give him the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and he will get them done.

    Kevin will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. He most definitely shines in a a hectic environment. Definitely worth recommending.

    Ron van der Bijl photo
    Ronald van der Bijl
    AI Business Solutions Manager, Datavink
  • Kevin has a deep knowledge of UX design methods and is a great advocate of its importance to build successful products.

    Marcello Coppa
    Deputy Head of Business Innovation, Tech & Sustainability, Gellify
  • Kevin is a highly competent designer who is very easy to work with. He knows his field very well and provides excellent work.

    Joshua Hoo
    Executive Director, Greybrook Realty Partners
  • Taking care of the functional specs, design and usability details of all projects he’d managed…I recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a complete and multifunctional pro to manage all kind of Web projects.

    Oscar Junyent
    CEO & Founder, eLink
Currently available for opportunities in:
  • Leadership position in FinTec, SaaS
  • Orgs aspiring to improve UX maturity with senior leadership, and scale design operations
  • Orgs in the Healthcare sector with products/services which run software
  • a passion project which serves people who are challenged or disadvantaged