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GE smart catalogue

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GE, Industrial Solutions EMEA

My Role

UX Designer /  Project Lead

UX Evangelist


GE Industrial Solutions is the industrial products and solutions division of General Electric, one of the world’s largest conglomerates. It is is a global leader in power distribution solutions and appliances, offering a wide range of innovative products aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Project mission

The org needed to revamp its desktop-based catalog app to serve to customers across the continents in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

The project needed a complete new content management system (CMS) built along with a responsive to desktop & tablet views, and work in offline/online modes.

  • A strong engineering & manufacturing culture with minimal experience in software development. This meant a linear water-fall structure & protocol  for projects which is unfit for software development projects
  • Team of 1 in design
  • It required both the front-end development and a complete new back-end system
  • Corporate infrastructure limited choices of platforms to build products on especially eCommerce
  • Limited budget for the scope of work required
Solution / action
  • I focused on UX & interaction design while networking with other GE leaders to source design style-guides from other GE orgs
  • Sourced & partnered with an agency for development. It also provided some support for UI production
  • Workshops held with the agency to map out the planning & specifications doc
  • Worked within the GE paradigm of  waterfall process to appease protocol while working agile where possible
  • Introduced ‘design thinking’ to the Project Management team in EMEA
  • Demonstrated & taught colleagues how to approach software development leadership – working in Lo-fi & Med-fi to design experiences
  • Interviewed internal experts and researched into User personas for the project
  • Managed UX design & project management in Barcelona while the production team & development team were located in different continents & time-zones (North America & Asia)
  • Introduced GE’s Design system to business & PM teams in EMEA. To re-use existing components for brand & UI consistency
  • Completed the design to a MDP (Minimum Desirable Product) for both front-end & back-end production
  • Managed the usability testing sessions to validate
portfolio image GE-smart-catalogue-hero

Revamp of catalogue: product portfolio

GE industrial Solutions org sells electrical components specialised in industrial construction & manufacturing, a B2B model. The product inventory are in thousands of models and products with much of the content being technical specifications for them.

The legacy system was limited to a desktop application running only on Windows OS. In order to expand out to the variety of devices the solution needed to be:

  • Location aware for language applied
  • OS aware to detect & be serving to Mac/OS/Windows/Android  devices with responsive capabilities
  • Work in online/offline mode
  • Dynamic content needed to be served from a CMS (Content Management System) which is integrated to SAP’s ERP system
  • Enable customisation features to improve the UX similar to a B2C experience

engineering culture & manufacturing business

As is it the case for many B2B business cases, access to end-users is much more a challenge than B2C due to privacy concerns and business restrictions. To overcome this obstacle as a starting point, I’ve started with creating provisional User personas based on interviews with internal colleagues who were customer-facing.

Thereafter, with further desktop research on social media & further interviews, I was able to draft up a proto-persona to formulate the arch-type persona as the primary User persona.

It guided the design process in the early Lo-fi wire-flows to start designing the experiences based on their motivations & frustrations mapped out.


leveraging ge healthcare's legacy design system

Networking with senior GE managers overseas in led me to find a trail of a design Centre of Excellence which served GE Healthcare, a different division. They were able to guide me to the online DS (Design System) which was a legacy version but still efficient in providing us with fundamental UI building blocks in production. This helped shave time in adhering to brand consistency & development time. The slideshow below has details on how GE was one of the first enterprises globally to pioneer the use of a DS, before it went mainstream.

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